Thursday, November 19, 2009

In Bed

So sorry that my first post pretty much sucked. Ever have that happen? You're writing and you think its all good but then realize that what you were feeling was what was good not what you were writing. Sometimes I do that.

So what I was really saying was how my marriage has been rocky lately. And my husband well, I'm going to go ahead and blame him since he has no way to know this blog exists much less read it. I like having one place where I get to be right all the time. I call that place my house. Ok, really I meant the blog.. I kid I kid.

The marriage thing really started with problems in the bedroom. My husband's sex drive is somewhat lacking. As is his imagination and communication. When things were new it didn't matter too much. And when everything else in our marriage was good, it didn't matter so much.

But now...

Now my patience with it is wearing. And I don't want to be divorced. But I REALLY don't want to be 30 with my sex life over.

So I had a dream about a guy I used to have a huge thing for and it brings all this crap flying back that I haven't really thought about in years.

And true to form, I'm ready to run away. Currently to Canada to see this beautiful distraction of a man.

Mmmmmm I would fuck the shit out of him right now and it'd be better than in the dream, or when I was 20.

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